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Wendy Bangerter

Awarefull Owner, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Meditation Instructor, Chopra University, RYT200 Chopra Center and Eminent Reiki™ Master

Specialties: Sensory Processing, Mental Wellness with Children and Families, Anxiety, Meditation, Toning

The Awarefull philosophy

My aim with Awarefull Therapy is empowering people with concrete techniques to achieve their individual goals. Awarefull Therapy is an integrative sensory and mindfulness approach supported by trauma theory. It teaches you to examine yourself without judgement, experience life in the moment and manage your responses — whether opportunities, challenges or just day-to-day issues — in real time.

In today’s world, people are often not present. They miss their exits, they didn’t taste the cookie they just ate, they are so busy making sure their child’s birthday party is perfect that they forget about the child. People are missing the richness in their lives. Awarefull Therapy is designed to help you slow down, engage and be happy.

I have extensive experience helping clients of all ages, including children who are challenged with being present or are labeled sensory delayed. People who practice Awarefullness find it improves their listening skills and reading retention. They feel calmer, their anger diffuses and their anxiety lessens. They are happy and begin to make choices that lead them to greater happiness. I watch people take their power back!

My journey

When I sought help for my daughter, I needed support, skills, nurturing and a personal, nonjudgmental approach. I wanted facts, education and what to expect regarding my child’s specific needs and developmental processes. I wanted to know that this was not a terminal illness and that there was hope. I was looking for something better, something different.

I found this support and strength within myself through the Awarefull process. I took responsibility and a more active role in my child’s life. I saw her as strong, powerful and capable. I now know when my child needs something different and follow the principles of Awarefull Therapy to act on what I need to do next to support her as well as myself and my family unit.

Awarefull Therapy teaches us to understand and manage our biological systems. It isn’t magic, it’s basic biology, and it has significantly changed my life and the lives of my daughters. I see the same remarkable change and growth in our clients every day — the confidence of having a foundation of how to Be in the world that is applicable in all situations.

Make a conscious shift

Awarefull Therapy helps individuals, couples and families gain control, find and trust what is best for them and engage with the world around them. Learn more about our philosophy here. Then come experience what it means to be Awarefull.

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