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About Us

The Awarefull story

Awarefull is a wellness studio with an integrative approach to yoga, counseling, t’ai chi, nutrition and meditation. We make a measurable difference in people’s lives, empowering practical shifts to achieve health and healing.

Awarefull is an evolution of mindfulness, located at the crossroads of biology, physics and time-honored mind-body integration techniques. This isn’t traditional therapy or a New Age fad. Awarefull is based in science and proven in practice. We enhance neuroplasticity and rebuild neural pathways – big words, but it’s common sense: As goes the mind, so goes the body, and vice versa.

Consciousness is being aware of your surroundings. This leads to being stronger, which allows you to weather any storm and create at will. This is the foundation of resiliency. This foundation allows you to create through life. This is Awarefull.

Your experienced Awarefull guides

Everyone at Awarefull brings dedication, certifications and years of experience to their roles. We are passionate about helping our clients because we see the impact of Awarefull every day. Each one of us walks the walk, continuously working on our personal conscious awareness and experiencing the benefits that follow. We witness the life-altering changes our clients make to achieve better mental and physical health. We are constantly researching, collaborating and striving to improve the Awarefull experience. We treat all people with equality, respecting gender preference, sexual orientation, race and religion.

Wendy Bangerter, Awarefull Counselor, Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Susan Guio, Awarefull Counselor
Kathryn Green, Nutrition & Health Coach,

Make a change, engage with the world and maximize your potential. Experience what it means to be Awarefull.