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What is Sensory Progressing

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By Susan Guio, LCSW Sensory processing is the ability to trust what you experience. Your impressions of life are taken in by what you sense. What you feel, hear, smell, taste, and see. You are a sensuous being built to thrive in the pleasures of sensation. Humans are born wanting to feel loved, to be [...]

Awareness is the Future of Therapy

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By Susan Guio, LCSW The Old What do people really desire when they come to therapy? Why does research show upwards to 65% of people who receive traditional mental health counseling seek non-traditional methods to address their needs? Traditional mental heath teeters on the brink of imploding with paperwork, insurance processing nightmares, and grand expectations. [...]

Self-Love & Self-Compassion

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Hello friends! I read an article recently that a friend posted on Facebook about self-love. The main premise of the article was that self-love does not leave enough room for compassion and that you learn to love yourself by loving others. My perception of this issue is a bit different. Let’s take a step back [...]