What makes Awarefull different?

What makes Awarefull different?

Awarefull is a combination of theoretical processes that we have found work. These process work with your basic biological system. We teach you how to use this system and listen to it and get out of your head.

Animals know when not to go to a certain place. Animals know when a predator is stocking them. News Flash! Humans are animals. The difference is that humans allow their intellect to get in the way rather than use it enhance their lives.

When you learn to use your body’s messages you reset your autonomic system to work for you and your mind can be used to enhance your life rather than complicate it. This allows less stress and anxiety almost instantly.

The easiest way to experience this is to come to one of my meditation classes. I teach a simple process of coming into and listening to the physical body and using that information to direct your system rather than scare yourself.

Why did I create awarefull?

Through my own evolutionary process I have realized that anyone has the power within them to create meaningful change. I wish to share what knowledge I have. I see people as powerful, not broken. I believe the path to a peaceful world is an inside job for each of us. I believe that we can all learn with a n open heart and awareness from each other. I know that as I help the person across from me they are also helping me become more aware and more awake in that shared moment.

I received a face book meme that said, “Vote it’s easier than moving to Canada.” I think this brings home the reality that within each of lays the power to create change within ourselves, demonstrating this change on the outside through the choices we make each day.

When I was 11 I would wake up angry every day. One day my dad said to me, “Wendy, you get to choose how you want to wake up each day. You can wake up mad or happy.” I chose from that day on to wake up happy, and it worked. Through awarefull, I hope to change the world one person at a time. Empowering each person to come to the awareness that they can choose to be happy.

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