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Yesterday I ate something that didn’t agree with me. And while it wasn’t full blown food poisoning, I felt pretty lethargic, yucky, and a bit feverish for most of the day. I wasn’t able to teach yoga and I felt horrible about canceling classes.

But then, as I allowed myself to really feel the guilt that was coming up, I came to the awareness that if I taught yoga in the state I was in, it would have been a disaster. I would not have been in the right state to hold a mindful, warm, and safe environment for my students. The whole time I would have been thinking about how horrible I felt and how tired I was. No one was going to catch my food intolerance, but everyone was going to catch my energy, at least to some degree. And who wants to come to a yoga class where the energy is tired and yucky? No one, that’s who.

So I allowed myself to cancel my classes and rest. I did do some easy office work, but nothing that required me to be too alert or physically active. I took a short nap, I watched some entertaining TV, and I gave myself permission to not feel well.

And today I feel 100% better. A little lingering tiredness, but the tummy is back to normal and the only heat in my body is from the sun salutations I taught this morning!

Now, it could be safe to guess that I would have felt better today regardless of my activity level yesterday. But I can guarantee I would not have felt nearly as wonderful as I do.

We, as human beings, forget that we need rest. We forget that resting is where all of the magic happens, literally. Rest is the only time when our cells really regenerate, including the neurons in our brain. It is the only time we really integrate our experiences, physical, mental, and emotional, from our daily lives. Rest is how we heal. This is why we have savasana at the end of yoga; it gives our body time to rest, relax, and reset. It helps our muscles rebuild and our emotions to release. We need rest to function properly and sometimes our body forces us to rest because we forget or refuse to.

So next time you try to push through all of your stress, anger, or even an illness, remember that rest will get you better, faster.

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