Remembering the Power of Intention

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We haven’t been posting a lot lately, and we have a good reason: We are having a Grand Opening on November 15th! So come for free yoga, free lunch, and free meditation! Or just come and hang out and have some coffee!

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Wendy and I have been talking lately about intention. We have been so focused on being-which is amazing-that we have forgotten intention. We have been being in whatever shows up, but we have not been using our intention to focus our energy on what we WANT to come up. This makes life pretty random, to say the least!

Now, I am talking about intention, but not manifestation. The Secret got some stuff right, but like I discussed in the post “Intention & Action” earlier, intention doesn’t work if you intend to make billions and then sit on the couch all day eating pot pies! What I am talking about is focusing your energy–which consists of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and whatever energy you are bringing in from outside–on what you want, on what feels good, on what would make you happy. This creates a direction for the energy to go and filters out some of the other randomness!

This is helpful due to something physicists call the “observer effect.” Simplified, this effect states that particles change their behavior based on whether or not they are observed. Each particle has limitless possibilities–it could make up a chair, a lung, a star, or a painting–but when it is observed, only one possibility is realized. This means when we observe the universe, our consciousness directs the flow of these particles into our reality. We literally create reality! This is why intention is so powerful and so important! If you don’t give the particles direction, they go in all directions!

A great analogy is shooting! If you go to a range and shoot randomly, without aiming, your bullets are going to hit randomly, maybe even hitting some other target. But if you aim, focusing your attention on where you want the bullet to go and using the sights on the gun to help you, you are more likely to hit your target and maybe even hit the bulls-eye!

Even more simply; we don’t get in our car (usually) and set out to randomly drive around. We set our intention–I am going to work; I am going to the grocery store; I am going to school. And then we take action to get there!

Intention is our aim, our direction! We need to set intention to get where we need to go, to create the reality we want. Without intention we are floating in a sea of limitless possibilities. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes submerging in the great vastness of the universe, flowing with all of the beauty of unlimited experience, is amazing. But for day-to-day life, we need to get stuff done. Right? And the very first step is to set an intention! Taking that sea of limitless possibilities and focusing some of those particles into abundance, clarity, peace, freedom, or love. Or you can get even more specific; a new job, a great house, a new computer, enough money to pay the bills, or whatever!

Set your intention, then allow yourself to be in whatever shows up!

Have a Happy, Scary, Treat-filled Halloween!


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