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Awarefull Programs

Teaching children and families how to manage themselves in the world and use their conditions to create success

The Awarefull Family Program is designed to enhance communication skills and build a supportive structure in your home. Our focus is to meet the needs of your children and family. We help your children regulate their emotions and behaviors, and we provide guidelines and support to caregivers. We also educate families on how to address ongoing and singular issues as they arise.

Our process has helped children with maladaptive responses to everyday situations, whether they are over- or under-sensitive, and those who have experienced overwhelming or challenging situations. We have extensive experience working with children who are hyperactive, reactive, socially challenged and in need of self-regulation, in addition to those who practice compulsive behaviors, find change difficult and have attention deficient issues. We teach children and parents how to engage their neurological systems so they can self-regulate.

Awarefull Family Therapy is:

  • Collaborative. We work with both parents/caregivers and children.
  • Personalized. We assess each family situation and design treatment for specific individual needs.
  • Practical. We focus on building sensory processing skills to give children a foundation of how to manage intensity, make choices, take responsibility and reach their goals.
  • Holistic. We recognize the benefits of a holistic approach, including diet, exercise, limitations on screen time, consistency and support for change.
  • Supported. We offer nutritional coaching, yoga, t’ai chi and meditation as supplements to our effective program.

Building lifelong skills and creating lasting results

Children stop the temper tantrums and meltdowns as they learn how to self-regulate at school and at home. They are happier, their social life improves, and teenagers want to engage in life and start building relationships with their families. Parents feel relief. As their children come more into rhythm at home and school, there is less need to discipline and they start to enjoy time with their kids. They know what works and what doesn’t for their families. They are equipped to move forward.

Learn about child and family specialists Wendy Bangerter, LPC here and Susan Guio, LCSW here. Contact us anytime with questions or to make an appointment — email be@awarefull.com or call 970.232.9585.