Is Your Head in the Sand?


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By Kathryn A. Green

Creating more awareness in our everyday experiences, moment by moment, is so important in living our healthiest lives. So often we put our heads in the sand out of fear of the unknown. We project our worst fears on the potential outcome. . . something in the future that doesn’t even yet exist. Interestingly enough, that process creates unnecessary pain in our lives. When we ignore what we know is in our best interest because we’re afraid of what might happen, we’re in fact imprisoning ourselves in a “what if” kind of life. There is no freedom there. No possibility.

When I was at a doctor’s visit just over a year ago, I inquired about a couple of moles on my stomach. She took a look, and while she wasn’t overly concerned, she suggested I get them looked at by a specialist. Needless to say, I didn’t go make that appointment. Instead, I worried, I fretted, I “googled” skin cancer, I forgot about it, I remembered, I worried, I fretted. . . and the random cycle continued.

I finally booked an appointment with a dermatologist and went to see her today. Guess what? The last year of periodic, self-induced anxiety, worry, and drama was all for nothing. I’m JUST FINE and I won’t need to go back for a few more years! This is fantastic news and I feel so blessed, but it does make me stop and think about all the unnecessary anguish I caused myself. If I had simply made the appointment a year ago, I would’ve known then my moles were in the normal range and that I had nothing to worry about. I could’ve lived the past 365+ days without the fear hanging over my head. Lesson learned.

So, let’s look at the other possible outcome to my visit today. What if the outcome of my visit with the dermatologist had been different? What if the doctor would have found something? Would my worry, pain and stress for the last year have changed that? The answer is NO. The reality is simply the reality. In fact, finding things early is always beneficial in terms of treatment.

It’s always a good idea to face things head on, with our eyes wide open and a trusting heart. This allows the truth to come forward and possibilities to unfold. When we move through our lives with this approach, life has the opportunity to respond to us in kind. Freedom comes when we listen to ourselves, when we shine the light on whatever is causing the discomfort.

What are you shying away from right now? Are you ready to step out of your self-imposed jail and take the next step toward the truth? Isn’t it time for you to BE FREE?


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Kathryn Green


Kathryn is a certified integrative nutrition health coach, registered yoga teacher and owner of a health & wellness company called True You, LLC. She is passionate about taking a holistic approach to health and well-being, living life to the fullest, doing what feels soulfully true, living a life that lifts everyone up AND she is inspired to help others live their happiest, healthiest and most soulful life.

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 Kathryn A. Green

Health & Lifestyle Coach, and Certified Yoga Teacher

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