Gratitude for the Rain

Watching the trees in the constant weather of the daily rains in Oregon I am reminded of something I heard once in a meditation as I was commuting to Rawlins, Wyoming. It was a rainy spring day in Wyoming as I drove on I-80. I looked at the mountains and heard, from the edges of who I am, “The trees don’t go inside when it rains.” I remember a peace that came over me. When I teach yoga, mediation or even facilitate an individual session, I am often reminded of this. These tools–meditation and yoga–are for on AND off the mat. Life is about what we create; it is about being in our experiences. The rain, like our experiences, nourishes the tree and gives it vital life. For this to work, the tree has to be willing to be in the rain no matter what. It doesn’t say, “I only want warm misty rain.” It takes the pounding rain and the wind and uses these to strengthen it’s roots and branches. It enjoys all the rain with gratitude. So today, I set my intent to have gratitude for the rain no matter how it shows up.


Creating Mindful Balance

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