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Awarefull Yoga

Calm your mind and energize your body as you build strength and flexibility

Awarefull Yoga is for everyone, regardless of experience, ability or age. The focus of our yoga is you — helping you build endurance along with strength and flexibility, helping you remain calm in the face of daily challenges and helping you achieve conscious awareness.

Class Descriptions

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga refers to the set of physical postures designed to create alignment, strength and flexibility in the body. Hatha combines breathing exercises, flexibility and balance training, and gentle movement. This allows you to become more present, creating more awareness and relaxation. All levels are welcome.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa links the postures into a sequence of movements that “flow” with the breath in a series with very little rest between postures. This class incorporates focused breathing, flowing posture sequences and restorative postures. The overall goal is to guide you to a state of comfort, peace and rejuvenation of your body, mind and spirit. All levels are welcome.

Private Yoga Instruction

Our private yoga sessions focus on alignment, modifications and personalized sequences. For those new to yoga or returning with special circumstances, your instructor will focus on teaching the fundamentals of common postures and breathing techniques you do in class. Your instructor can explore modifications for injuries, illness or other circumstances and answer any questions you may have. For experienced yogis, a private session is focused on exploring advanced postures, fine-tuning alignment and moving into new postures.

Your private teacher can help you design a personalized yoga regimen and advise you on what each Awarefull class offers you. Call Wendy at 970.232.9585 to schedule a private session.