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Awarefull Counseling

Create lasting life changes through mindfulness and somatic processing

Awarefull Counseling is an evolved approach to therapy that brings gradual change through peaceful means. Expect to be heard and to learn to hear yourself — not through words, but through learning to listen to the feeling states in the body. In the first session, we take your issue and use it to teach you how to connect with what your body is experiencing. The focus is not retelling your story, but stepping into a process that produces lasting results in an effective and efficient manner. We offer counseling for individuals, couples, children and families. We treat all people with equality, respecting gender preference, sexual orientation, race and religion.

The benefits of Awarefull Therapy include:

  • Experiencing lower anxiety and decreased depression
  • Managing overwhelming feeling states
  • Finding effective help for trauma
  • Managing addictive patterns (eating, drugs, alcohol, compulsive behavior, etc.)
  • Improving overall health
  • Engaging with the world
  • Experiencing an awareness of purpose and what makes you truly happy
  • Taking control of your inner self, your actions and your life

We help you create a foundation of how to Be in the world that is applicable in all situations and allows for continual growth. We give you a direct route to alignment with how you want to live your life.

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The Art of Therapy

Make a conscious shift to your best self

The art of good therapy is to help a client change. Most clients simply state that they want to be happy: If I am not happy, then something needs to change.

Therapy that creates lasting and fulfilling change is an evolving science. At Awarefull, we constantly research therapy philosophies, modalities and techniques to find best practices and apply them. The winner to date is the combination of somatic processing and the art of mindfulness — the marriage of science and consciousness.

Family Counseling

Learn the skills and information you need to create results

The Awarefull Family Program is designed to enhance communication skills and build a supportive structure in your home. Our focus is the needs of your children and family. We help your children regulate their emotions and behaviors, and we provide guidelines and support to caregivers. We also educate families on how to address ongoing and singular issues as they arise.

Our process has helped children with maladaptive responses to everyday situations, whether they are over- or under-sensitive, and those who have experienced overwhelming or challenging situations. We teach children and parents how to engage their neurological systems so they can self-regulate. Learn more about Awarefull Family Therapy here.


Reduce the effects of an overwhelming experience

People who undergo trauma often have recurrent or intrusive memories, nightmares and intense distress after the incident, even if it is years later. People who have experienced a traumatic event often avoid feelings and situations associated with the event(s), which can interfere with their lives. A person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has an underlying sense of unworthiness and a general mistrust of the world, which leads to being hyper-vigilant or behaving recklessly. Problems with concentration occur, along with sleep disturbances. Sometimes people do not remember a specific traumatic issue but still present with the symptoms of trauma. A traumatic event can create dissociative reactions that block the memory, leaving only the symptoms.

Awarefull therapists are experts in reducing these symptoms of trauma. We repeatedly watch people step back into life after being given the support and skills they need. People who suffer with complex and chronic PTSD can find relief. We can help.

Want to know more about Awarefull Counseling?

Learn about Wendy Bangerter, LPC here and Susan Guio, LCSW here. Contact us anytime with questions or to make an appointment — email or call 970.232.9585.

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