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Awarefull Consciousness

Experience Wisdom

Consciousness is being fully aware of what you are experiencing in the world. Consciousness is learning to trust your sensory and utilizing it to live each day from balanced perspective.

Wendy’s Experience

I utilize consciousness awareness each day. For example; A few months ago I noticed a fog in my mind, and I was not feeling well. I asked my body what it needed and the answer was a cleaner diet. I made the necessary changes and just two months later I am feeling much better. Another example, I will get an awareness that I need to contact someone, when I follow up on these urges it is perfect timing. For me, consciousness is something you already do. Have you ever just known you needed to check on your children, call your mother or not eat that? It is that nagging inkling you to turn right for no apparent reason and then you realize blocks later that you avoided an accident.

Susan’s Perspective

One of the most common issues people have when they come into therapy is that they are uncertain of the right choice to make or how to navigate challenges in their lives. Learning to listen and act upon your awareness leads you to the choice that is right for you. Your body feel lighter and you able to move forward. We teach you how to  Be Full of Awareness and to trust your guidance.


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