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Get Healthy

Awarefull is a wellness studio with an integrative approach to yoga, counseling, t’ai chi, nutrition and meditation. All five areas work together to achieve conscious mind-body awareness, but each practice provides tangible benefits. It’s a personalized process. We guide every client through paving their own path.

Awarefull Yoga

Awarefull Yoga is for everyone, regardless of experience, ability or age. The focus of our yoga is you — helping you build endurance along with strength and flexibility, and helping you remain calm in the face of daily challenges. Our Fort Collins yoga studio offers a variety of classes, as well as private instruction, to meet your needs.

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Awarefull Counseling

Awarefull Counseling is an evolved approach to therapy. The focus is not retelling your story but stepping into a process that produces lasting results in an effective and efficient manner. We help those who have experienced anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, relationship or family issues, autism spectrum and other challenges.

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Awarefull T’ai Chi

Awarefull T’ai Chi offers calming exercise in a no-pressure environment for people of all ages and abilities. Improve your balance and flexibility with deep breathing and gentle, relaxing movement performed at your own pace. Enjoy stress relief that extends well beyond the studio.

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Awarefull Nutrition and Health Coaching

Awarefull Nutrition and Health Coaching helps you discover what’s holding you back from feeling your best — releasing those unwanted pounds, identifying what’s causing your gut issues, taking control over cravings, improving your sleep, increasing your energy and/or reducing your stress. Amazing transformation awaits.

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Awarefull Meditation

Awarefull Meditation uses a combination of chanting, mantras and silent meditation to bring you in touch with the present moment and allow you to become fully aware. We provide guided and silent meditation sessions for both the beginner as well as the advanced meditator in a comfortable and relaxing space.

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