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Hello everyone!

We wanted to make sure you knew we have free–yes, I said free–yoga and meditation classes every week! Our free meditation class, called Karma Meditation, is every Wednesday at noon! And our free yoga class, called Karma Yoga, is every Saturday at noon!

Our Mindful Meditation classes are designed for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and we focus on becoming present and aware of this moment. We utilize mantras, tones, and even visualizations to create presence.

Our Mindful Yoga classes are designed to bring a meditative state into movement. While each class is different, we weave mantras, intentions, and tones into every class and savasana, or final resting pose and meditation, is highly emphasized. Each pose, or asana, is used to bring awareness into the physical body and create a strong sense of presence. Mindful Yoga helps us bring meditation into our daily lives!

Come by, have some tea, and come into a mindful state of being!


Creating Mindful Balance Staff

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