Mindful Dharma Yoga

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The doors slowly slide open and the subtle scent of vanilla and jasmine are just barely noticeable. The room is warm, but not too warm, and there is a mat rolled out—one that isn’t mine. On the mat is a man I don’t know. My heart jumps into my throat as I slowly close the [...]

Remembering the Power of Intention

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Good afternoon! We haven't been posting a lot lately, and we have a good reason: We are having a Grand Opening on November 15th! So come for free yoga, free lunch, and free meditation! Or just come and hang out and have some coffee! Now, for the post! Wendy and I have been talking lately [...]


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Many of you are aware that I use tones in Moving in Creation and have even heard me use them in Creating Mindful Balance. What are these you may be asking? Take a moment and close your eyes wherever you are at. Bring your awareness to your breath and listen to the sounds all around [...]


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These past few days have been early mornings, beautiful sunrises and amazing landscapes. I watched the sun rise over a misty Missouri landscape this morning, it was breathtaking. The sun so rich with color it looked like it would melt before my eyes. I celebrated taking my daughter back to school. In that moment trusting [...]

Mindfulness and Responsibility

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What does mindfulness have to do with Responsibility? Everything! When we become mindful we become responsible for our feelings. This responsibility gives us the freedom to be in any situation. Being in any situation gives us the power to move out of anxiety and depression because we have taken responsibility for it and are no [...]


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Hello there everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day! As I was teaching my yoga classes today, I noticed a shift in myself. As I was asking my students to be aware of their bodies, I began to be even more aware of my own. During Sun Salutations I noticed how my heart [...]


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Sunday I was sitting with my girls as I have many times before. This time I noticed something different. I noticed the celebratory nature of Being with my girls. I noticed how they play and question their environment. I also noticed how they interact with their environment and how I interact with them. With this [...]

Morning Mindfulness

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Hey there pals! This morning I was running late, which is not a very frequent occurrence for me. But instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off--which is the default setting when I am late--I decided to try something different. I looked at my clock and realized I had slept in [...]

Free Yoga & Meditation

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Hello everyone! We wanted to make sure you knew we have free--yes, I said free--yoga and meditation classes every week! Our free meditation class, called Karma Meditation, is every Wednesday at noon! And our free yoga class, called Karma Yoga, is every Saturday at noon! Our Mindful Meditation classes are designed for all levels, from [...]


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Hi friends! We thought it was important to point out that our owner, Wendy Bangerter, and one of our therapists, Elizabeth Shuler, are both writers. Wendy has a mindfulness series coming soon and Elizabeth has a book of poetry based on her experiences with mindfulness available as an ebook. If you are interested, you can [...]