Free Yoga & Meditation

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Hello everyone! We wanted to make sure you knew we have free--yes, I said free--yoga and meditation classes every week! Our free meditation class, called Karma Meditation, is every Wednesday at noon! And our free yoga class, called Karma Yoga, is every Saturday at noon! Our Mindful Meditation classes are designed for all levels, from [...]


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If we have learned anything at Creating Mindful Balance, it is that creativity is at the heart of life. What do we mean by this, you ask? We mean that life is a creative force and humanity is taking that maxim to a whole new level. For example, we created this lovely studio and office, [...]


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Hi friends! We thought it was important to point out that our owner, Wendy Bangerter, and one of our therapists, Elizabeth Shuler, are both writers. Wendy has a mindfulness series coming soon and Elizabeth has a book of poetry based on her experiences with mindfulness available as an ebook. If you are interested, you can [...]