Meditation: It is easier than you think!

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Have you ever thought about meditating, or even tried it, but thought you couldn't do it, or maybe you couldn't do it right? I have a secret to tell you: There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Many people believe that meditation is only stopping thoughts and completely silencing the mind. There can [...]

Remembering the Power of Intention

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Good afternoon! We haven't been posting a lot lately, and we have a good reason: We are having a Grand Opening on November 15th! So come for free yoga, free lunch, and free meditation! Or just come and hang out and have some coffee! Now, for the post! Wendy and I have been talking lately [...]


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Many of you are aware that I use tones in Moving in Creation and have even heard me use them in Creating Mindful Balance. What are these you may be asking? Take a moment and close your eyes wherever you are at. Bring your awareness to your breath and listen to the sounds all around [...]

Choice & Responsibility

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Good day to you all! It is amazing to me how often we give up our power to others, to circumstances, and to our own emotions & thoughts. In our day to day lives we make a million choices, but we give ourselves credit for a small percentage of those choices. Why do we do [...]

Body Awareness

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Hi everyone! I had a thought today about body awareness. Now, I know most of us these days don't want to be aware of our bodies. It doesn't matter what size, shape, or age our body is, we tend to ignore it as much as possible so that we can ignore the "flaws" we are [...]

Self-Love & Self-Compassion

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Hello friends! I read an article recently that a friend posted on Facebook about self-love. The main premise of the article was that self-love does not leave enough room for compassion and that you learn to love yourself by loving others. My perception of this issue is a bit different. Let’s take a step back [...]


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Hi Everyone! Yesterday I ate something that didn't agree with me. And while it wasn't full blown food poisoning, I felt pretty lethargic, yucky, and a bit feverish for most of the day. I wasn't able to teach yoga and I felt horrible about canceling classes. But then, as I allowed myself to really feel [...]

Intention & Actions

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Hi everyone! I had some musings about intention today; how it works, why we do it! An intention is anything you "set your mind to". An intent can be anything from "Self-compassion" to "I will be productive today". The point of any intention is to set a direction of energy and therefore a direction of [...]

Mindfulness and Responsibility

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What does mindfulness have to do with Responsibility? Everything! When we become mindful we become responsible for our feelings. This responsibility gives us the freedom to be in any situation. Being in any situation gives us the power to move out of anxiety and depression because we have taken responsibility for it and are no [...]

Morning Mindfulness

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Hey there pals! This morning I was running late, which is not a very frequent occurrence for me. But instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off--which is the default setting when I am late--I decided to try something different. I looked at my clock and realized I had slept in [...]