Awareness is the Future of Therapy

By Susan Guio, LCSW

The Old

What do people really desire when they come to therapy? Why does research show upwards to 65% of people who receive traditional mental health counseling seek non-traditional methods to address their needs?

Traditional mental heath teeters on the brink of imploding with paperwork, insurance processing nightmares, and grand expectations. These lofty goals include life changes within a short period of time. Insurance companies currently favor four to six sessions for this makeover, and therapy is difficult for people who want the pain and turmoil to go away without taking personal responsibility for their choices.

This mass exit from traditional therapy indicates people are ready for a new approach. We want faster computers and more efficient cars so why not a therapy that gives you life changes, with little work and lasting results?

The New

You can’t make a rocket out of a horse and buggy so let’s drop the old framework of traditional mental health. First drop the concept that something is wrong. There goes 90% of the paper work and most of the stress.

Start with life itself as the spiritual practice. Start with the premise that it is not what you are experiencing that is the issue. The new focus is on how you are BEING with what you are experiencing. We got addicted to fixing experiences, rather than being with them. Life flows in waves. The wild part is that the human mind/body is designed to ride the waves of life through experiences. Being with what you sense makes you alive. It feeds you much like ocean and air currents nourish the planet.

Humans are magic machines of the present moment. In your body, millions of sensory cells eagerly attune to the experience of Now. This information feeds you. You process data from life as one savors a fine meal. Once a meal is eaten it is gone. Once a moment occurs, you are designed to sense it and then let it go. Trouble arises when the moment lingers on to haunt you leaving a nasty taste.

A quantum leap in mental health brings the science of your physical and not-physical design to your full awareness. This awareness provides you the power to incorporate basic States of Being present to ride waves of creation. You drop the scary stories. You experience yourself as part of the whole, and you guide yourself towards creations of your choice.

People want their lives to fit in alignment with who they are. Who you are is reflected in how you respond to life. When you are being present in each moment that life offers, you will instinctively know the direction you desire. Once you become aware of what you desire, you make simple adjustments in your life to get what you want. This is not work, it is living life and when you make conscious choices from an aware state life gets rich. You ride all the waves and let each experience nourish you. The exciting part is that you become aware that you possess the power to take the road less traveled. You stop seeking, and enter the lasting fullness of life.

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