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Evolution I am in the process of evolution. This is not Darwin’s misguided concept that evolution is fueled by survival. This evolution is one of gradual, and peaceful change. Why peaceful? I choose the direction I want to be. Choosing is a peaceful action. Having to choose is a battle. When has fighting for survival [...]

Common Yoga Fears/Yoga Unites Us All

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I’m not flexible enough In yoga, you start where you are. You start with you. It’s not about competing with your neighbor to get deeper into a stretch. It’s about finding your sweet spot. My classes are and have always been all-level. I actively encourage the use of props. Even those of us who have [...]

T’ai Chi and the String of Pearls

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“In motion the whole body should be light, alert, and fluid, moving like a string of pearls. The chi [energy] should be active, but the spirit should remain centered and calm.” -Writing on the principles of T’ai Chi Chuan, by Yang Lu-Ch’an, 1799-1872; attributed to the ‘father of t’ai chi, Chang San Feng The practice [...]