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Awarefull counseling practice is an evolution of mindfulness, located at the crossroads of biology, physics and time-honored mind-body integration techniques. This isn’t traditional therapy or a New Age fad. Awarefull is based in science and proven in practice. We enhance neuroplasticity and rebuild neural pathways — big words, but it’s common sense: As goes the mind, so goes the body — and vice versa.

Make a change, engage with the world and maximize your potential.
Experience what it means to be Awarefull.

get healthy

Engage, find balance and move forward with an integrative approach to counseling, consciousness, meditation, nutrition and yoga. Awarefull empowers you to make the practical shifts necessary to achieve health and healing.

Calm your mind and energize your body as you build strength and flexibility
Achieve your health goals with personalized insights and actionable tools
Illuminate your life
Live in the moment as you delve into a state of conscious awareness
Create lasting life changes through mindfulness and somatic processing